Egyptian Secrets
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Ancient Egypt was a land of Mystery, Magick,  Ritual, &  Intelligence beyond what our history books would call normal for that time period. As archaelogists excavate in and  around populated areas of ancient Egypt, we are told that artifacts & architecture of those time periods encompass very advanced abilities unexpectedly present for a culture so ancient. Many well known authors have written book after book attesting to this puzzle, which is now becoming a major topic of discussion amoung Archaeologists, Egyptologists, & Historians.  

They have uncovered literally thousands of papyrus depicting the enormous array of ancient knowledge and magickal practices of that time period. Some literature suggests that Moses, while living in the King's house as his son, learned the secrets in the Egyptian Temples,  and used the rituals as a common practice for his magical skills. It is also said that He & the Isralites may have stolen the ark of the Covenant from the temple in Egypt. If these stories are true, we need to re-assess our origins of the basis for the writtings of Moses. There is a set of books called"The 5 Lost Books Of Moses", which bring up many questions as to what Moses really taught. These books are full of magical formulas, which also include making Talismans & Sacred Magical Lettering & Encantations to use in casting spells of all types.... These spells are not anything that would resemble what we have been taught in the Bible concerning him... 

If we question, we learn....If we believe, we follow... I would prefer to study for myself when it comes to the discrepencies found in the very beginning of the Bible... Study to show thyself approved....

Moses and his spiritual practices appears to be a very big secret. If he led the Israelites away from Egypt, yet still practiced the Egyptian beliefs in magic, then we have many questions to present to the clergy concerning this great man in the bible, blessed by God to lead his people to the promised land. Jehovah chose a Magician to be the leader of his people? This sounds absurd, I know, but by all standards of ancient texts, this appears to be more truth than not.....

After I studied this subject the better part of my life, I ran across a video by the revolutionary physicist Nassim Haramein. He has come up with some interesting thoughts on his research into the Ark of the Covenant. Nassim is extremely knowledgeable in Sacred Geometry, ancient texts and various other mathematical equations pertaining to the universe. His take on the Ark is quite interesting coming more from a scientific viewpoint. Please take the time to view the video below.  Nassim is amoung many very well known individuals that are questioning, with fervor, the information that has been given to us concerning our historical past as Human Beings on this planet.

The Ark of the Covenant could be one of the biggest secrets in Egypt.
Language, and particularly naming, carries substantial magical power in Egyptian thought. The goddess Isis, once she learns Ra's true name, is then able to cure him of snake bite. One of the oldest cosmologies of the Egyptians from Memphis (approx. 2700 BC) describes the god Ptah creating by his mind (heart) and word (tongue). Thus, words contain a primal substance and the act of speaking mirrors original creation. Speaking creates reality. Writing was given to humans by the god Thoth and the Egyptians called their langauge "words of the gods" and hieroglyphs "writing of the sacred words." 

The Pyramid Texts, Coffin Text and the Book of the Dead all exhibit the Egyptian belief in the power of language to affect the world. Words, spoken or written were not just symbols, but realities in themselves.  Hieroglyphs held particular resonance with magical power and most of the funerary texts were written in hieroglyphs. The Egyptians clearly believed that humans have energetic doubles in the world beyond the physical and it seems reasonable to suspect that the hieroglyphs were thought to have a similar existence since they were written on the inside of the pyramid tombs or coffins or on scrolls placed inside the coffins for the deceased to use. Further evidence of the reality of the images themselves comes from the practice of cutting particular hieroglyphs in half to diminish their potential effect. 

Vowel chanting is also found in Egyptian religious practice as reported by Demetrius in his Roman treatise, De Eloutione: 

"in Egypt the priests, when singing hymns in praise of the gods, employ the 7 vowels which they utter in due succession and the sound of these letters is so euphonious that men listen to it in place of the flute and lyre"  

The distinction between religion and magic in scholarly discourse breaks down in the context of Egyptian religion and it is reasonable to suspect that vowel chanting could be used for more than hymns of praise by Egyptian priests.
Horus the Egyptian God of Wisdom who taught the secrets of Thoth and the Atu
The Mysteries of Isis and Osiris

The New Kingdom saw the rise of a new religious theme, the myth of the slain and risen god Osiris. In this new set of myths, the roles of the two gods were clearly divided where Horus, now Son of Isis and Osiris represented order and the forces of Light, while Set represented once more the powers of usurpation and darkness. The myth goes as follows: Osiris and Set were brothers. Osiris was the rightful king of Egypt among the gods, which made Set very jealous. Set consequently murdered Osiris and spread out his limbs over the land. Osiris was deeply mourned by his wife Isis, who charged the jackal-god Anubis with the task of finding the pieces of her dead husbands’ body. By using her magic and the breath of Thoth, she was able to bring his reassembled body back to life. Horus was outraged at his father’s death and fought Set once again, this time in his new form of Horus the Avenger. After many battles, Horus finally emerged victorious. Set was forced to admit defeat before the Ennead, the tribunal of the gods. The Ennead decided that Horus was to be the rightful ruler of entire Egypt, while Set was to sent off to live with Re-Horakhty (an amalgamate of Re and Horus of the two horizons) as his adoptive son and so became the god of thunder and lightening.

The now risen Osiris became the king of the realm of the dead and a symbol for eternal life. This powerful image gave rise to the mysteries of Isis-Osiris, which quickly became enormously popular. In the era of the New Kingdom, the worship of Isis and Osiris soon eclipsed that of all other gods. The myth of the slain and risen god Osiris came to dominate religious thought in Egypt at this time. Osiris became the object of man’s hope for eternal life, and Isis the compassionate goddess who consoles those who suffer. In this, Isis and Osiris became early divine archetypes that later appeared in Greek and Christian imagery.

With the dawn of the Isis-Osiris mysteries a new relationship between Man and the gods began to develop. Previously, this relationship was mostly dominated by the sacrificing of goods to the gods to tame them and befriend them to look with favour upon a city or region. The individual destiny of Man was of little to no interest. The rise of the new triad Osiris, Isis and Horus changed this view radically and so the mystery cults of antiquity and with them the principle of initiation were born. For the first time, every man and woman could gain eternal happiness and life after death.
Isis & Osiris
A group of love poems have been found in an excavated workers' village on the outskirts of the Valley of Kings, where many pharaohs are entombed. The verses allow poetry lovers and Egyptophiles alike to tap into the emotional side of Egyptian daily life. People tend to assume all ancient Egyptian writing is religious, so the secular nature of these songs and of much other poetry continue to surprise readers. 

Written during Egypt's New Kingdom (1539-1075 B.C.) but likely composed much earlier, these songs are surprisingly direct about love and romance in ancient Egypt, using metaphors, repetition, and other poetic techniques familiar to poetry readers today.
    The Flower Song (Excerpt)

     To hear your voice is pomegranate wine to me:
     I draw life from hearing it.
     Could I see you with every glance,
     It would be better for me
     Than to eat or to drink.
In a depression to the south of Khafre's pyramid at Giza near Cairo sits a huge creature with the head of a human and a lion's body. This monumental statue, the first truly colossal royal sculpture in Egypt, known as the Great Sphinx, is a national symbol of Egypt, both ancient and modern. It has stirred the imagination of poets, scholars, adventurers and tourists for centuries and has also inspired a wealth of speculation about its age, its meaning, and the secrets that it might hold. 

The sphinx temple also suggests that the complex was related to the solar cycle, which includes the sun in its other phases, including the rising sun. Various elements in the Old Sphinx temple appear to be solar related, such as the 24 columns, thought to represent the 24 hours of the day and night, that support its roof. 

It seems that the Sphinx may relate to an advancement of the royal sun cult during the 4th Dynasty. Djedefre, who ruled briefly around the time of Khafre and Khufu, was the first pharaoh to adapt the title, "Son of Re". As Horus, the presenter of offerings, the Sphinx might represent a sublimation of kingly power to a higher deity. At the same time, it would not be hard for the Sphinx to represent both the king as Horus, and also be identified with the sun god. 

We must also finally look at the Great Sphinx as a guardian of the necropolis at Giza from evil. Situated at the very entrance to the sacred cemetery, the Sphinx must have been a warning to dangerous forces. 
Sacred Geometry  (Flower of Life Symbol) found (lazer burned) into stone in Abydos.
Great Pyramids at Giza
There are numerous subjects and objects surrounding the secrets held in the Magical Land Of Ancient Egypt. The questions are endless as to the original purpose of the insurmountable artifacts found in this region. Most scholars agree that Ancient Egypt was one of the major birthplaces of Magical Knowledge, which was actively put into practice on a daily basis within their community. Moses (the receiver of the Ten Commandments in the Christian Bible) was taught daily from a young child by the Egyptian High Priests in the temples. It is said that he was a favored pupel amoung the High Priests and that he was known as being the most powerful magician in the land of Egypt. Did he use the magic of the Pharoas to free the Israelites out of the grips of the King of Egypt? 

Many scholars and archeologists have stated repeatedly, "The abilities in master buiding, that the Ancient Egyptians had, were much more advanced than humanly possible for this time period".  Could they have been visited by beings of extra-terrestrial origins ? Were the kings and their seed DNA manipulated?  Were they taught some of  the secrets of the Universe by these beings?

It appears that they  were a highly  advanced civilization that was adament on preserving this knowledge for future generations... What was so important to them that they went to such great lengths to preserve not only their knowledge but the bodies of their kings and their families? Were they instructed to do this to allow the future of mankind to discover the origins of our species? Do the mummies hold the key to cracking the code of possible DNA manipulation in ancient times? Interesting thoughts to ponder....

There are so many questions that go unaswered to this day concerning this amazing ancient culture. Prophets and seers have referred to the secrets held within the walls of the pyramids throughout known history. Edgar Cayce prophesied that the secrets of Egypt would be found under the paw of the Sphinx in a underground library. It is said that the volumes of written material hidden in this library is so extensive that the answers to the origin of humankind will be clearly answered for all time.
...Hopefully  the doors will be opened to decipher the hidden codes written down in places yet to be uncovered in the Magical Land Of Ancient Egypt.....
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