Astoria Brown Msc.D. is a knowledgeable Metaphysician and Metaphysical Minister. She continues her studies in this arena to help you become accustomed to helping yourself from a higher perspective. She encourages you to get in touch with your higher self for a more balanced lifestyle. Astoria leads you on the path of self knowledge and spiritual growth by teaching you how to gain higher insights & gnosis.  She encourages you to learn techniques & practices that will help you gain expertise in your pursute of a personal ascension into other dimensional experiences. 

She literally teaches with the intent to encourage you to become a teacher yourself.  Astoria is available to instruct you in the art of Tarot Readings, plus a miriad of other esoteric practices.

Your private Esoteric/Paranormal Tutor is just a phone call away in the privacy of your own home and at your own leisure, at a much lower cost then is charged here on the internet and elswhere. Just pick up the phone and start today....Astoria is also preparing tele-seminar lessons & video lessons that she is planning to have available for purchase at this website. You will be able to download video lessons using your PayPal account and also attend live seminars for a very small fee. CD Lessons will be coming very soon. Listen while traveling, plus CD Lessons are great tools for vision impared individuals. This website will be continually advancing as rapidly as humanly possible as a tool for growth and entertainment for Astoria's friends & clients.

Astoria Brown Msc.D. provides readings that will convince you that there truly are psychics that are here for the right purpose. She is a generationally gifted empath who is very in touch with her "Clair Senses" as a Clairvoyant, Clairalient, clairaudient, clairsentient, Claircognizant, and Clairgustant Advisor.  

Astoria uses her Empathic abilities and Clair-Sences knowledge given to her from her Higher Self & Spirit Guides to bring clarity and a better understanding to your situation.  She will use Tarot cards at your request. Astoria can pick up on how HE or SHE FEELS about you with amazing ease and accuracy of detail. She is a Reiki Master, Paranormal Sensitive and Investigator. Astoria Brown is very quick and intuitively sharp in her readings & counseling.

Contact Astoria today to get compassionate answers.   

A personal message from Astoria Brown

If you are seeking a Spiritual Connection with others & long for likeminded souls, feel free to join me here on this website and also my other website links. 

Please take the time to browse through my website here on  As one example please visit  Videos on Metaphysical Subjects to get many hours of  information & enjoyment.  This is a place for beginners and the adept alike. Please invite your friends with the special link at the bottom of each page.

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If you would like any additional subjects or have input/problems concerning this websites you can contact me at my personal email

I consider it an honor to grow with a group of honest seeking individuals.  I look forward to speaking with you...  I have found that being generous with FREE MINUTE PROMOTIONS has proven to be a great way to give my clients. THANKS for repeatedly trusting my insights.

Many Blessings Your Way, 
Allow Astoria to help you get clarity, using practical life enhancing principles.  Ease your mind, with her assistance, to help you focus on what is pertinent to your situation. Receive compassionate, soothing, & positive approaches to your life questions. Astoria's spiritual influence through counseling will help you stay grounded as the Universe brings transition into your life. Learn the tools to stay strong and to keep your power during the difficult times.....

Astoria Brown Msc.D. is a 3rd Generation Natural Born Psychic/Medium. She has given professional readings for over 40 years and is known throughout the world for her honest & accurate predictions. Many radio and television celebrities consider Astoria their personal psychic. 

Astoria uses her Empathic Abilities and Esoteric Knowledge to bring clarity and a better understanding to your situation.  She will use Tarot cards at your request. Her Empathic ability is very strong & very detailed. She is a Reiki Master, Paranormal Investigator, Ordained Minister, Life & Spiritual Advisor, plus she has her Doctorate in Metaphysical Science. Astoria teaches Metaphysical Science, Quantum Spirituality, & has extensive training in relationship counseling. Astoria is quick and intuitively sharp and will give you practical answers and advise that will assist you in making rational and well thought out decisions.

Learn techniques to Free yourself from an unhealthy relationship or from a past relationship. 
Astoria Brown Msc.D.
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Receive more inner peace, contentment, health and well-being,

Tarot & Psychic Readings, Life Coach, Doctorate in Metaphysical Science, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, & Spiritual Counselor.
Astoria Brown specializes in Love & Life questions. Her uncanny insight & straight to the point approach has repeatedly proven to be extremely grounding while working with her clients. She will help you release the fears to make decisions that are necessary for a healthy relationship with yourself & others.

Astoria's approach to Spiritual Ministry & Counseling has it's roots in teaching people how to apply spiritual principles and metaphysical laws to help them attain their professional and personal goals. Her collective array of talents & counseling knowledge are wonderful assets when put to use during Life Coach connections.
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