Angelic Beings
"Angelic Cellular Healing"

Let's speak of Angels at a sub-atomic and cellular level***
By this we mean.... within the smallest of worlds within us.... we have Angels....
governing the processes of these *worlds*.... overseeing our well being at the micro....
unseen.... however very powerful.... real and all encompassing level***

These Cellular Angels are the Divine Light Energies empowering and guiding our
Cells and Cellular Activities.... They are an essential aspect to nurturing the life form
within each cell.... and indeed form the Cell’s Blueprint for life at this level of being***
The cell is one of the most basic units of life. There are millions of different types of
cells. There are cells within cells, therefore you can see the miriads of angels at your disposal continually...

Written by EL~ Messengers Of Spirit Ning Site

The spiritual teachers of old taught emphatically that the power of the kingdom lies within you. Now with our knowledge of Quantum Physics, we can literally say that in fact that it absolutely does.  
ANGEL comes from ANGELOS which is the Greek word for messenger, though there are references to the angelic realm long before the traditional Greek language. El in ancient Aramaic means ‘being of light’ and therefore Angel is that being of light that vibrates at the most purest and highest of vibration.  

Angels are from spirit (or GOD) they are with us for all eternity and have varying levels of responsibility. They allow us to gain a greater understanding and connection to the Higher Realms and the seventh heavens. They are also a facet of our own natural consciousness. They know only love and nothing else – the ability to perceive anything apart from love is non-existent. The human mind accepts information in the form of symbols and pictures therefore the manifestation of consciousness in the form of Angels enables us to communicate more clearly. 

In all religions and cultures, there are references to angels throughout Angels were reported in ancient. Traditionally in Shamanism (which is the primordial spiritual path of all indigenous people) there are reports of ascending birdlike spirits. These half-bird/half-human spirits are called the bird people or the bird tribes. For the most part, Angels allow you to be seen in the form that we are most likely to recognize them. 

Throughout history angels have inspired creativity in the human race, poets, artists, writers, prophets and religious leaders as well as everyday men and women. Angels are associated with beauty, joy, fulfilment, laughter, harmony, healing, protection and peace.

Angels are a higher vibration and consciousness (divine or celestial beings) who have never existed on the Earth Plane in human form. They do not have karma or harbour low vibrations and negative emotions connected to the lower planes. They are friends who bare gifts of pure light and love.

Many different Angels are known for different specific tasks and purposes though not every rule is the correct rule. A nature angel is guardian or protector of a particular area on Earth such as a mountain. Angels will work with you as you understand or can easily perceive. Your guardian angel is the messenger to the higher realms of angelic help.

Archangels such as Michael, who holds the sword of truth, which can be seen from most of the artistic portraits of the angel, are recognized for their protective qualities and warrior like valour in the name of God. Raphael, we associate with great healing, and they both serve as guardians for our Sacred Earth and its inhabitants. All angels intermingle and can be called upon for the highest good.

Messenger angels are angels that walk with us most closely, drawing near to guide us and assist us with our life’s lessons. A guardian angel is our own personal protector that is looking over us always. Your guardian is a very special kind of angel that is with you from the moment you are born to help you move towards the light. Your angels want to help you. We are all on a journey including Angels and by helping us they too can progress along their path.

Angels will never tell you what to do. You have FREE WILL and it is your will to do whatever you wish. Angels seek to guide you along your path and whilst they can give you knowledge to make choices - they can not make them for you.

Angels can appear in many forms, the most popular being the biblical pure white winged form, however they appear to you in a way that is least intrusive and most acceptable to you and therefore a sighting is never the same. You may feel an immense tingling sensation throughout the body. Perhaps you may even see angel lights, which are like sparks of light that you will see physically for a fleeting second. If you feel a vibration and intense heat – you can be sure that Michael has joined you. An angel can also show itself in the forms of animals and are often recognized as winged animals. Remember that an angel can influence the animal through the very spiritual nature of the animal kingdom and messages can be lain in front of you..

Angel hierarchy

The Angel Hierarchy, often referred to as "The Nine Choirs", is explained through a system that came from the book written by Dionysius the Areopagite during the sixth century. Throughout time these choirs of angels have performed specific duties and carried energies unique only to them. Before that book was another original book called the Book of Enoch or Raziel. These books exist today but like the bible or only a version of the original. There is another book that is less known and that is the book of Jubilees – the original translation of Raziel.

There are 3 levels or 3 spheres, each containing three levels within each level or sphere. The first level; which is at the highest level of the astral, is collectively concerned with the universe and the manifestations of divinity within it. These angels manifest energy simply through pure thought, and possess the deepest knowledge, manifestations and inner workings of divinity. The Angels of the First Level are the Seraphim, the Cherubim and the Thrones.


The Seraphim (beings of pure light) are the closest to divinity and are considered the angels of pure light, love and fire. They keep negative energy from getting through to divinity and concentrate on keeping divinity intact and its continued existence by creating and carrying positive energy through all the levels of angels as well as into the physical realms. The seraphim remain at the very epicentre of the divine force. These are what are known as the choirs. They are the catalyst of for the living breathing light of god. The seraph exists to emanate the light to those who would seek to understand including the conception and co-creation of the spheres.

You can access the Seraphim through prayer and asking, however, these beings shine so brilliantly with light that you will never see them. Only God/Goddess and some of the other angels are capable of complete interaction with these beings.

Work with and request help from the Seraphim for issues relating to humanitarian and/or planetary causes. They also listen to group prayer and ritual.


The Cherubim's function is to guard the light and the stars as well as channel positive energy from the divine. Their name means, "One who pray’s or intercedes". They serve as the wisdom of God to guard and protect celestial knowledge. These angels are of boundless love and knowledge and can function as personal guards. They watch over all the galaxies and collect and disperse energy where ever it is needed. When you are seeking divine protection, knowledge and wisdom, call upon the Cherubim. They also guard any religious temple, no matter how big, how small, how rich, or how poor.


The Thrones are known as the "many-eyed ones", acting as investigators for the divine, as they create, send and collect incoming and outgoing positive energies. They are also instructors of humility. Justice is important to them; they will shine their light on injustices and send healing energy to any victim. Thrones are very interested in humans, their intentions and their general existence. They will generally channel energy to you through your guardian angel rather than directly with you.

Call on the Thrones where problems in relationships need to be smoothed out, be it groups of people or just 2 people, as well as planetary issues.

The Angels of the Second Level or Sphere concern themselves with the cosmos and those angels assigned tasks below them. They also carry out the orders from the angels of the first level. The Angels in the Second Level are Dominions, Powers and Virtues. Archangel Haliel holds control of the thrones and works with karmic force.


The Dominions (Dominations) are the divine leaders involved in combining the spiritual and the material, without losing control. They are the order of the law of cause and effect. They bestow "natural leadership" and make sure that humans are happy and healthy under the given leadership. They do not approve of corrupt and unjust churches, civic leaders, politicians and governments whom do not have the highest concern and best interests of the people at heart. They will make adjustments where need be. Call on them for mediating and arbitrating and for divine wisdom. These are manifest in the world as nature spirits and in the mineral kingdom. Nature brings you close to God. Therefore, the light beings of the Dominions manifest the desire in this sense. That is two distinct consciousness - one of constant evolution in individual consciousness, and a higher one consciousness.


These are the Angels that keep track of human history. They are organizers of world religions and send divine energy to keep the positive aspects of the religion going. They dispense justice and regulate chaos. They will send messages when someone or something is out to harm you. They are seen as divine warriors. They are excellent at divulging hidden ego based agendas that can harm others. They are the warrior angels and are led by the Archangel Michael – Lord of the Way who is also a seraph.

Call on the Powers when you are in trouble. They will help you to see through situations and problems. They will defend your home, your family, your property, or any group of people who call on them to help protect and defend them. They will send messages through many means. Through the power of our sixth sense, gut feelings, dreams, etc.


The Virtues main focus is to send massive quantities of spiritual energy to the collective human consciousness and the earth plane. These Angels are known as "The Miracle Angels". The Virtues love go-getters and those that strive to go beyond and accomplish what others call impossible. They love positive people who try to help, enlighten and lead others toward harmony. They also work and guide the elemental energies: Earth, Air, Fire, Water Spirit and weather patterns. They are the angels of nature. When you are sick or scared; call on the Virtues. When you are working with a healing; call on the Virtues.

The Third Level or Sphere are the most involved with humans and human affairs and are considered the Angels of Earth. They interact with us and our lives. They are called the Principalities, Archangels and the Angels.


The Principalities guard continents, countries, cities, and other large groups, as they work toward and for global reform. They are found where groups of people meet and congregate for everything from learning, decision making and having fun. They channel positive energies from the physical to divinity and from divinity to the physical. They are protectors of politics and religions and they watch human leaders to help them make the right and just decisions in human affairs.

Call on the Principalities where extinction of animals is concerned, inadequate leadership or ruler ship (in any form from churches to politics to companies), for human rights and against discrimination.


The Archangels can actually belong to several levels, but they enjoy dealing with humans when and where they can. They are considered the "Special Forces" of the angelic realms. They channel positive energy to the physical from the divine and from the divine to the physical. Most archangels are omnipotent and can be every where at any one time as no division of time or space exists within that consciousness.


These are the angels assigned to us, such as our Guardian Angels. They are concerned with issues involving human and physical manifestation. They also, like the other angels, channel from divinity to us and from us to the divine. They are our closest companions and are assigned to us through all incarnations on earth. They help us through the transformation of death and birth, help us to carry out our divine plans, defend us and help protect us when we are in trouble, and call in the forces of all of the other angels when we need them. However, they will not interfere with many things unless asked by us. When asking for help from the angels, be sure and be precise in asking for what you want, and be sure to keep your intentions pure. Your Guardian Angel can come from any of the levels and has an open line of communication with all of the angels in all levels.

Recognizing Angelic Vibration

Many of us light workers today are more in tune with our touch senses and work closely with energy vibrations. It is therefore not unusual for you to feel the presence of an Angel (instead of seeing one) by sensing the Angelic pure resonance.

An Angelic visit is often accompanied by a sweet pure scent of flowers, or a slight breeze of a fluttering of their wings. You may be lucky enough to hear the beautiful music or most commonly felt their pure loving energy washing over you. If you sense an Angel standing beside you it probably is.

The fortunate ones find a feather when their celestial friends have departed. Call in the love & light you no longer need to be alone! To call angels into your life you need only ask! The vibration of thought and prayer is energy which is sent out into the universe and to the higher realms in a blink of an eye. Your prayers are answered as the Angels cross over to be near you.

The higher your vibration the closer to the Angelic realm you can be and the easier it will be to communicate with them. How they long for us to 'wake up' and finally take notice. The Earths collective consciousness is resonating at a higher level as we seek the answers to our questions. The Angels bridge the gap between the earth and the divine.
Blessings.... Astoria
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